Creating the perfect tabletop for your event


Go Rent is a full service rental company offering tableware, furniture and table linen for your special event throughout 
the Dubai.

Rental products for every occasion, from 
a casual back yard barbecue, to a formal wedding reception.

create unique tabletop design

for your event with our products

new arrival

Go Rent offers a curated collection of stunning glassware, plates, flatware, table lining and furniture which provides you with actual trends of tabletop design

about us and our service

Go Rent was founded in 2015 by award winning wedding photographer Liliya Gorlanova. She’s also the founder of a wedding agency Gorlanova Event.
All that experience allowed Liliya and her team to focus on high level of events to provide for Go Rent customers really convenient rental service.
Now Go Rent has 4 branches and is the leader among premium rental companies in Europe. Our product in line with event design trends and helps you to create your own sets or refer to ready-made sets created by our team. A wide range allows you to save money and create new sets every time for events of any size: from small private parties to huge weddings and gala dinners.

You can make orders in few steps!

We are offering a clear and user friendly system for processing orders. The website contains up-to-date information about the quantity and items availability.
Just add them to your cart and pay anytime

Go Rent offering only high level service: setup and delivery. We know how to make event easier. If you want to save your time just add delivery and setup in your cart. Our staff will take care about everything. Just relax! Setup and delivery are available even in the night time for basic price, with no any additional fees.

We have high-experienced team: not only responsible managers but also creators with tastefulness. Choose your sets online or try them on at our showroom.

Managers will help you to create many options of sets from our collections so you can choose the one that will perfectly match your event.

We provide assistance for all stages:
– placing an order
– assortment consulting
– payment questions
– delivery and setup

We also making additional photos and videos of our items by your query.

We are always on your side. All event professionals can have our exta discount for every order – 10%

We have a convenient rental system – rent for 2 days on the basis price and pay only 25% for each next day.

Rental services are trendsetters in the issue of reasonable consumption ♻️ We value modern manufacturers who comply with environmental production standards and have a reasonable attitude to packaging — we choose them as suppliers. And we are trying to completely get away from fragile and disposable packaging — it is a direct help to our planet 🌏 We are not using cardboard boxes or stretch wraps. Our team has come up with other ways of item protection — reusable boxes that preserve products during transportation and storage.

real events

Since the founding
of the company, we have taken part in the design of

over 9,000 private and 
business projects