Stone Coolness cop

Andrey Isakov + Go Rent

The main inspiration for this capsule collection was summer garden. A place where you can chill off and hide from the bright sun and feel the coolness of the stone and shade.
The idea of this project is to show that even in a megapolis you can create a piece of a summer garden!
самый круто сет, бла- бла -бла
3D-prints on the table surface and vases with stucco elements reminds an urban architecture of the city.
The color palette is based on greenery, white and pale pink with black accents. Dark details emphasized the tenderness and fragility of the flowers
Flowers: summer garden flowers such as peonies, astilbe, scabiosa, viburnum berries, hydrangea and raspberry leaves.
Andrey Isakov

Andrey Isakov flowers

Andrey Isakov Flowers based in Russia have been creating unique wedding and event projects since 2006. Style of this studio is based on huge flower installations and unique arrangement techniques.

The winner of White Wedding Awards’ 2018 (Russia)

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