How to choose 2

velvet tablecloth for your project?

Choose proper size

We have enlarge tablecloths 400 cm by 300 cm.
The pros:
— the tablecloth reaches the floor even on a table 150 cm wide and 250 cm long;
— suitable for the presidium, forming beautiful folds at the corners;
— the enlarged tablecloth is slightly more expensive than the standard one, but you will need fewer of them, which means savings and no joints on the tables.

Pay attention to fabric features

If you make set up by yourself, then pay attention to the comments on this product on the website. There we indicate the features of a particular fabric.
After all, tablecloths always require ironing, but if you are limited in installation time or you do not have a steamer — choose a stretch velvet, creases are almost invisible on it, it is easier and faster to steam it!
A denser velour requires steaming: always iron it from the wrong side.

Сhoose a tablecloth that will “fills” the picture

If your project does not provide a lot of decor, or only restaurant dishes are supposed, take a stretch velvet - its texture actively fills the space.
For example, the "Iler" tablecloth forms graphics vertical folds that look like a separate decorative element and adds expressiveness to the design.